100% organic cotton made pet toys are in, find out why.

In a world increasingly concerned about climate change, in order to reduce its impact, we must pay attention to the most day-to-day actions. Among them, are those concerning our pets. Although we are often unaware of it, acts such as changing the plastic bags we use to pick up their poop or choosing to entertain them with eco-friendly toys can make all the difference. Take these tips to pamper the planet a little without neglecting your pet!

Let’s take a look at the benefits of buying sustainable toys instead of plastic ones for our pet friends. Ecological toys are an increasingly widespread option because they contribute to slowing down the deterioration of the planet, reducing the presence of plastic waste, and promoting the use of long-lasting materials, such as cotton. Using sustainable toys made from organic cotton is not only a great option to help take care of the planet, but it is also beneficial for our furry friends. 

Natural and eco-friendly toys are free of toxic additives, pesticides, or toxins. The cultivation of organic cotton, by not using toxic substances in the production process, favors the natural cycles of the land. In addition, water management is more efficient, using up to 50% less, thanks to the increase of organic matter in the soil.

Organic cotton is increasingly popular in the pet industry due to its durability and its lack of exposure to pesticides and insecticides. Since cotton is not considered food, the 12 million acres of inorganic cotton grown in the U.S.A. each year can often be saturated with pesticides and insecticides.

When talking about cotton, we often don’t know the differences between organic and conventional cotton. Unlike conventional cotton cultivation, organic one does not use genetically modified seeds. Therefore, it makes a more appropriate use of hydric resources. In this way, the environmental and social consequences associated with the use of pesticides in conventional cultivation are prevented.

In this way, a balance is maintained in the environment and the land is preserved for future generations. This process of growing organic cotton also brings important benefits for our pets, as it avoids inhalation and contact with toxins, and avoids being in contact with toxic chemicals that can cause allergies and health issues. In addition, organic cotton has an outstanding quality, that you and your pet will appreciate from day one.

Finally, it is fairer for producers. Organic agriculture respects the decent working conditions of farmers. It offers fair prices that guarantee the quality of life in its territories. By not using genetically modified seeds, organic farming prevents producers from coming into contact with substances that are harmful to their health, in addition to avoiding the large debts they face to acquire the products and services necessary for cultivation.

Here at Love Light & Paws, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact, reducing our carbon emissions, and working with only the best production materials, to maximize positive outcomes for our communities.

Now that you know more about the benefits of sustainable toys and organic cotton, at Love Light & Paws we offer a variety of 100% organic cotton toys, that are perfect to keep your pet entertained. 

Source: https://sanvt.com/blogs/journal/the-benefits-of-organic-cotton

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