The Dream Behind Love Light & Paws

It’s a little bit cliché to say we all want to achieve our goals and dreams, so at Love Light & Paws we intend to always dream bigger.

This dream started way back in 2017 in California, wanting to make visible the love, light, and joy our pets bring to our lives. For us, a dog is more than “man’s best friend,” they are the true meaning of unconditional love. They motivate us to keep going, to be positive, and they teach us true responsibility while bringing out the best in each of us.

We wanted to create something that really thanked our fur babies on what they do for us by simply existing. They put this amazing energy into the world. We wanted to create a brand that gives everyone a loving feeling when they see a fur baby in our apparel.

We started thinking about the world we and our pups live in. That’s why we wanted to think ahead and make sure all our products will be used so no surplus and waste would be generated from our end. We care about the footprint we leave behind in this world (and hope to leave a big paw-print in your heart).

Lastly, we made our products based on everything we mentioned and a bit more, since you (our customers) can always add to the magic. We love to see your ideas come to life through your custom-made apparel or a design you see and love. All of this is in order to express love and light into the world, while your dog looks cuter than ever.

At Love Light & Paws, our mission is to make every passing soul that sees a pet in our apparel smile. Whether it be through uplifting quotes or reminding others to spread love and kindness, a little gratitude or humor can go a long way. We create collections to encourage enlightenment and remind everyone to live in constant gratitude, compassion, and balance by always choosing the most powerful energy available: LOVE.

We are so grateful for each and every one of you who’s on this journey with us. It’s more than a brand, it’s a movement! We’d love to start a non-profit of our own geared towards helping other organizations from veterans to designers to pet lovers. Let’s never stop dreaming and make it happen!

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