Tips For The Perfect Winter With Your Fur Baby

In the words of John Snow, Winter is coming! Cold days and nights, countless cuddles on the sofa, sweater season, and staying in the house. Sounds super fun but when we have fur babies we have to plan for them too. Don’t worry, we have your back. Here are a few tips to help you get through the winter with your fur baby. 

1) If you feel cold, they probably do too. 

Like us, our fur babies also get cold, even more, if their fur is short. So when you want to go play outside or go for a walk, try to get a hoodie on them and keep the time outside short. They need to get fresh air, but this doesn’t mean they have to freeze. A hoodie goes a long way in helping with this.

2) Protect your paws. 

We have shoes and boots to protect our feet, but our fur babies go into the world barefoot and don’t have the same protection as us. We recommend putting a paw balm on before and after taking a stroll; this will provide a barrier between their skin, and the salts used on our roads and footpaths.

3) Snuggle time is real! 

It’s called snuggle season for a reason, and we are sure that your fur baby will love all the series being watched and the downtime by your side. Hoodies, jackets, shirts, and toys will also help them to feel more comfortable and snug. 

4) More food, more energy. 

Since the temperature has gone down, so has the play and exercise time. This means that your fur baby is getting less time to burn through all the energy they have inside. So we recommend that you keep a keen eye on how much they eat and how many treats they get.

5) Layers over layers. 

Fur babies, especially the short-haired ones, aren’t made for cold weather, and they might even dislike it. So our tip is to layer them up and keep their body warm. Keep a good amount of hoodies and shirts around, so they can feel warm and fuzzy during this season. 

6) Make your heat source safe for your fur baby. 

Heaters, fireplaces, and other heat sources are amazing and keep the cold at bay. Nonetheless, for our fur babies, it might be hard to keep clear and understand the dangers of heat sources for them, so it’s our job to protect them. Put up barriers and let them know the boundaries to protect them. 

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