What Is Your Pet’s Love Language?

Like us, every fur baby has their own personality and love language. In other words, they have different ways of understanding the love we give them and also have different ways of showing their love to us. So today we are going to be talking about the different types of love we can share with our fur babies. 

Physical Touch

The most obvious and known love language is physical touch, especially because our fur babies can’t talk like we do. So when you see your fur baby loving those cuddles, belly rubs, scratches behind their ears, or just plain petting time, it’s safe to say they speak the language of physical touch. To show their love, you can expect a lot of kisses, sitting on your lap, or rubbing on your leg to find comfort. 

Quality Time

Has your fur baby ever made a sad face when you’re leaving the house, or can’t seem to leave your side? Well, this one is a simple one, they understand love through quality time. They love to be by your side and probably hate it when you leave them for too long. They will go everywhere with you, and we mean everywhere as if they have no understanding of what boundaries mean. This can make leaving the house a bit complicated, but not impossible. The trick for them to feel loved is to spend time with them, as much as you can. For example, if you might think they are going to hate running errands with you, think again. They are going to love sharing every moment of your day with you, and they don’t mind waiting outside for a little.

Receiving Gifts

Does your fur baby throw a little party every time they get a new toy, or do you give them your sweaty socks to play with? Have you ever been chilling and randomly you get a toy on your feet or maybe even a half-chewed-up stick on your pillow? Sounds like you have a gift giver on your hands, and sometimes the gifts might be a bit strange, like a dead insect on your doorstep or maybe a slobber-covered toy in your bed. This is their way of showing their love, and they are presents for you. A word to this wise, keep a good amount of treats and toys around the house, shower them with gifts, and they will understand the love you have for them.

Acts of Service

Does your fur baby have a smart attitude, and sometimes you think they are kind of a genius? They are super agile, love to take commands, and are pretty easy to train. Well, you’re in luck, they understand love through acts of service. It’s very likely they are ultra-protective and will probably make for an amazing therapy animal. They are givers not takers, but this also means they need tasks. So the key for them to feel loved is to create a task for them. One biggest thing you can do is train them, teach them new tricks and give them something to do. Don’t forget to tell them what a good job they do. They will love this and your bond will grow deeper. 

Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are another super obvious love language because we as humans use it all the time. When your fur baby shows this type of language, it’s very likely they are very vocal. Expect and prepare for a lot of purrs, howls, barks, or meows. They love to hear their voice and yours, so just like with friends, talk to them and show them your love. A quick tip: A high-pitched voice goes a long way for them to understand they are loved.

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